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J.R. Watkins Body Spray

Introducing j. Watkins! This new body oil spray from the lotus fields has got everyone talking. It's a refreshing scent of lavender and lavender soap, and it's made for body wash use. The body oil is effective andrich, and the lotion set is perfect for using on the skin. New j. Watkins has everything woman should need to look great and feel great!

J.R. Watkins Coconut Milk & Honey Body Oil Mist 6 fl oz/177m

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This is a delicious, rich and luxurious body spray that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and dry. The coconut milk is middle eastern compensated with woodsy notes that give the fragrance a hand-drugging aspect. The honey and milkhoney are together to create a luxurious, all- deleware blend that will keep you refreshed.
looking for a delicate and refreshing shampoo that will keep your hair looking good? look no further than j. Watkins coconut milk body oilmist! This powerful and gentle shampoo is ideal for days when you need a little nourishment and a healthy scalp. Give it a try today.
this body oil mist has a refreshing, jasmine-yalum flavor and is perfect for using on the skin. It leaves a lightly scented oil there that will make you feel enjoy using it. The 6 oz. Bottle will last a few days in the fridge or for a few hours in the microwave.